Our Vision

The BJP is committed to making the aspirations of the people of Karnataka a reality. As a responsible political party, BJP advocates that good governance is possible only by engaging in a partnership with the common man. Therefore, in order to understand the needs of the people of Karnataka better, crowdsourcing was used as a tool to gather information from different sections of society.

Strengthening India's Democracy: The BJP is deeply committed to strengthening India's democracy and to making its institutions more effective in fulfilling the aspirations of our people. We are proud that our Party has nurtured the best traditions of internal democracy in India's political class. In the years to come, we shall continue to broaden the interaction between the Party organization and the people, between the people and their elected representatives, and between the Party and the Government to make governance more dynamic, more responsive and more responsible.

Integral Humanism: The BJP is proud of its commitment to the philosophy of Integral Humanism, as enunciated by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya. We believe that development cannot be measured by economic indicators alone. Development must be holistic. It must fulfil the material and non-material needs of all individuals and promote a symbiotic relationship between the individual and society, in which the individual works for society, and society, in turn, cares for the individual. Development must also keep in mind environmental concerns, local and community traditions, and the quality of life.

Our vision is to make the 21st Century India's Century.

History has chosen the BJP to provide political leadership to our national endeavour to realize this vision. 'Shaktishali Bharat ke liye Shaktishali BJP' is our clarion call. A renewed and stronger mandate in Election 2004 an absolute majority for the BJP and a two-thirds majority for the NDA -- is the crucial first step to realise this dream. To recall the Prime Minister's ringing words, 'India's destiny is linked to victory for the BJP and the NDA.' A renewed mandate for Shri Vajpayee is a mandate for India's renewal.

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