BJP will support government on Kambala ordinance: Shettar

Former Chief Minister and leader of the opposition Jagadish Shettar on Saturday said the BJP will support the Karnataka government in its effort to get the ban on Kambala lifted, even as he questioned the wisdom of banning rural sports like jallikattu and Kambala.

Shettar said BJP legislators will support the proposed ordinance and they'll help the government to get it passed in both Houses.

At the Jatra Mahotsava in Suttur, he said “the courts don't intervene to stop slaughter of cows but have stepped in to ban jallikattu and Kambala which go back centuries. Jallikattu and Kambala are rural sports which also have a religious significance. They should not be banned as they don't pose any threat. Youths participate in these sports which put their physical strength to test. Banning Kambala is curtailing people from observing religious practices.”

He questioned the NGOs on their silence about cow slaughter and said they moved courts to stop cruelty to animals. The courts should factor in religious sentiments attached to rural sports.

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