Lokayukta selection: Shettar says Act needs amendment

Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Jagadish Shettar has said that there was a need to amend the Lokayukta Act to make the selection process more transparent.

Shettar alleged that the State government was deliberately recommending the names of judges having a “dubious past” for the post of the Lokayukta.

Speaking to presspersons, Mr. Shettar said that the government was doing so to keep the post vacant to suit its convenience. The government somehow wanted to make the institution of anti-corruption defunct by prolonging the appointment of a head and repealing the power of the Lokayukta police.

“It appears that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah may have anticipated that the Governor would reject the name of P. Vishwanath Shetty because of Mr. Shetty’s ‘past’,” he said

Though names of Mr. Shetty, Anand Byrareddy and S.K. Patil were recommended for the post, the Chief Minister chose to recommend the name of Mr. Shetty. “The Chief Minister should have submitted the name finalized by a majority of the members of the high-level committee; if he does not do so, then what is the use of convening a meeting,” he asked.

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